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Safety operation rules for drillers of down the hole drilling rig

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Safety operation rules for drillers of down the hole drilling rig
Latest company news about Safety operation rules for drillers of down the hole drilling rig

Generally speaking, many construction personnel must understand the construction procedures to avoid dangerous situations in the construction process.


Today, we will introduce the safety operation procedures that the drillers of down the hole drilling rig need to know

1. The driller must be familiar with the structure, performance and technical operation method of the down the hole drilling rig, and operate in strict accordance with the "post safety operation regulations".

2. Enter the operation site according to the specified route, check and handle the pumice on the top of the access route and the operation site. Pay attention to your own safety when going up and down the patio. When taking objects, you should first get down and then go up. When walking, you should pay attention to the traffic to prevent accidental injury.

3. After entering the working place, check the ventilation condition of the working face and confirm that the ventilation is good.

4. Before work, it is necessary to confirm the safety of site equipment and facilities, check whether the equipment and facilities are safe and reliable, and whether the platform and guardrail of cutting patio and goaf are firm.

5. During vertical drilling, the reasonable position should be selected. The upper and lower cushion wood should not be less than 5cm and 10cm respectively. The pad wood must be made of hard wood. The pumice on the bottom plate should be cleaned thoroughly. The column should not be inclined and must be firm.

6. The fastening screws of all parts of the geomantic water pipeline should be tightened well. Be careful to throw it out and hurt people. The operating platform should be placed on the other side of the horizontal axis.

7. Wet rock drilling can reduce dust hazards. When drilling, the operator should stand on the side, impact with small air volume and low rotation speed, and perforate according to the designed azimuth angle. It is strictly forbidden to fix the hole position with feet or hands.

8. When the downhole down the hole drill pipe is unloaded, choose a good standing position, use a special fork, and do not use other tools instead. The main and auxiliary operators should cooperate well and be careful of mechanical injury.

9. During perforation operation, it is not allowed to hold the machine by one person. Pay attention to observe the operation of the drilling rig during operation, and check and fasten the screws at all parts of the equipment, so as to prevent the loose parts from falling into the hole and causing drill pipe clamping and sticking accidents.

10. When the downhole down the hole drilling rig is stuck or jammed, choose the right method to deal with it. When dealing with the accident, it is not allowed to operate under high pressure, so as to prevent the occurrence of drill down accident.

11. When drilling, the pressure of the propeller of the drilling rig should not be too high to prevent the broken drill rod from injuring people.

12. When the drilling rig is in operation, oil injection or maintenance is strictly prohibited; when moving the drilling frame, measures shall be taken to prevent the drill frame from toppling over.

13. After the stage work is completed, necessary safety protection measures must be taken to transport the drilling rig in the upper and lower middle sections to prevent the drilling rig from falling into the patio or injuring people.

14. After the work is finished, clean up the work site, put the articles in order, and keep the machinery, tools and site clean.

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